Circumcision on the Couch book launch

Cover of Circumcision on the Couch by Jordan Osserman
Penises, and the things people do with them, have been subjects of controversy for a long time. Jordan Osserman’s recently published book Circumcision on the Couch draws on the discipline of psychoanalysis to examine how one thing that some people do to penises – surgically remove the foreskin – has become a site upon which […]
29 Sep 2022

IPU Library Talk: Circumcision

Dr. Leon Brenner and Dr. Jordan Osserman on Psychoanalysis and Circumcision Dr. Jordan Osserman’s book, Circumcision on the Couch: The Cultural, Psychological, and Gendered Dimensions of the World’s Oldest Surgery (2021), engages with the long debate surrounding circumcision in the world of psychoanalysis and without. Dr. Osserman examines how the removal of the foreskin-has become […]
12 May 2022

Psychoanalysis, (Trans)gender, and Sexuality conference

Online course with Dr Jordan Osserman and guests. How can psychoanalysis — as both a theory and clinical practice — productively engage with contemporary concerns surrounding gender and sexual diversity? What is the relationship between forms of clinical psychoanalytic practice that pathologise or stigmatise particular gender/sexual identities and practices, and more progressive approaches to the […]
10 Jul 2020