Israel Has Weaponized Trauma. Should We Talk About It?

Mourning and Motherland

Public Seminar

A reflection on October 7, Israel's assault on Gaza, and how to talk about Jewish identity and trauma when they are so readily weaponized in the service of Israeli aggression
20 Jun 2024

Why Are Intactivists Up In Arms About Male Circumcision?

Novara Media

In 2018 Eric Clopper, a systems administrator at Harvard, staged a one-man show at the university’s Sanders Theatre. In Sex and Circumcision: An American Love Story – a two-and-a-half-hour-long mixture of monologue, PowerPoint and performance art – Clopper made a passionate, if factually questionable, case against male circumcision, accusing his Jewish faith of being a […]
14 Feb 2022

Our Consciousness and Theirs

Further Thoughts on the Class Character of University Worker Activism

Viewpoint Magazine

In a recent editorial in Radical Philosophy we explored ongoing debates around the class character of professional work, and the prospects of casualized (/adjunctified, or otherwise insecurely employed) university worker activism. We endorsed Gabriel Winant’s view that professional workers are part of the working class. However, we received the criticism that to describe, as Winant […]
8 Jan 2022

Who will survive the university?

Radical Philosophy

We write as organisers of #CoronaContract, a campaign we co-founded shortly after the UK’s first COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020, demanding a two-year contract extension for all casualised university staff (academic and non-academic). In the early days of COVID-19, when previously unthinkable forms of economic rescue took place, this demand functioned as a ‘transitional demand’ […]
Aug 2021

Index of Evidence – Circumcision

The Index of Evidence explores how established notions of fact and evidence are changing in the so-called post-truth era, when it seems we have more information at our fingertips than ever before, but also more misinformation, disinformation, lies and fakery. On the Internet, of course, hierarchies of knowledge are being levelled and top-down expertise is […]
Jul 2021

The Struggle for Somerford Grove


In Hackney, a group of tenants have been threatened with eviction if they fail to pay extortionate rent to their billionaire landlord – but their fightback shows the power tenants can have if they decide to organise.
5 Dec 2020

On the Foreskin Question

Circumcision present. Circumcision past. Circumcision future?

Blunderbuss Magazine

Last year, a woman in South Florida spent nine days in jail for refusing to allow her son to be circumcised. The father of the child called circumcision “just the normal thing to do,” and the courts sided with him in the parents’ long running dispute over the matter. Forced to sign over consent for […]
5 Oct 2016

The 2013 Indian Supreme Court decision on section 377

Beyond the law

Sexuality Policy Watch

While many LGBTQ activists across the globe expressed mourning, rage and sympathy with the Indian queers who lost the Supreme Court battle against Section 377 (the British colonial-era law widely understood to criminalize same-sex intercourse), some used the opportunity to express their criticisms of the anti-377 campaign. These critics – largely speaking from within Indian […]
3 Jul 2014