Book Review: Toward a Feminist Lacanian Left

Psychoanalysis and History

Review of Alicia Valdés, Toward a Feminist Lacanian Left: Psychoanalytic Theory and Intersectional Politics (London & New York: Routledge, 2022; 181 pp).
Dec 2023

Psychoanalysis and Trans

A study of two psychosocial scenes

Handbook of Psychosocial Studies

The wave of activism and popular discourse around trans identity and subjectivity has had a profound impact on numerous fields, including psychoanalysis. In this chapter I will bring a psychosocial lens to thinking about how the signifiers “trans” and “psychoanalysis” encounter one another today. There are two different psychosocial “scenes” through which, I propose, we […]
Oct 2023

Gender Care and Untimeliness

Reflections on the Gender Identity Development Service

The Polyphony: Conversations Across the Medical Humanities

In the fifth post of the Waiting Times takeover, Jordan Osserman draws our attention to the ‘untimely’ nature of youth gender care.
9 Aug 2023

Introduction to Transgender Children

From Controversy to Dialogue

The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child

This paper introduces the topic and unique format of the section that follows, on psychoanalytic work with transgender children. We first review the apparent impasse that characterizes our field regarding clinical work with gender diverse kids, as well as the reasons we pursued a live dialog to push thinking forward. Then, we outline the structure […]
22 Oct 2021

Waiting for other people

A psychoanalytic interpretation of the time for action

Typical responses to a confrontation with failures in authority, or what Lacanians term ‘the lack in the Other’, involve attempts to shore it up. A patient undergoing psychoanalysis eventually faces the impossibility of doing this successfully; the Other will always be lacking. This creates a space through which she can reimagine how she might intervene […]
10 Jun 2020

Report of SITE Transgender, Gender, and Psychoanalysis Conference

TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly

This article reviews the 2017 conference, “Transgender, Gender, and Psychoanalysis,” organized by the SITE for Contemporary Psychoanalysis and held at the Freud Museum in London. The event brought together clinicians, scholars, activists, and artists interested in putting psychoanalytic ideas into conversation with transgender issues and experiences. This review highlights interesting presentations, controversies that occurred, and […]
1 Nov 2017

Is the Phallus Uncut?

On the Role of Anatomy in Lacanian Subjectivization

TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly

This article examines the role of anatomy in Lacan’s theory of the phallus, focusing on a fundamental question insufficiently addressed in Lacanian thought: Does the penis really matter, and if so, why and how? The question is addressed by analyzing Lacan’s work on the imaginary and symbolic dimensions of the phallus alongside a series of […]
1 Nov 2017

“Real Circumcision is a Matter of the Heart”

On Badiou's Paul and Boyarin's Jewish Question

Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory 16.2 (2017)

In 1997, two books were published on Saint Paul: A Radical Jew: St. Paul and the Politics of Identity, by the eminent Jewish studies scholar Daniel Boyarin, and Alain Badiou’s Saint Paul: La fondation de l’universalisme. 1 Though the two authors would not encounter each other’s work until many years later,2 their arguments appear as […]

Coding In-depth Semistructured Interviews

Sociological Methods & Research

Many social science studies are based on coded in-depth semistructured interview transcripts. But researchers rarely report or discuss coding reliability in this work. Nor is there much literature on the subject for this type of data. This article presents a procedure for developing coding schemes for such data. It involves standardizing the units of text […]
Aug 2013